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This brand is the quintessence of French quality and Korean advanced technology. Needless to say, it is owned by Amore Pacific, the largest concern in Korea. The brand was founded in 1994, and over the years it has become popular in all corners of the globe. The brand name can be translated as "Snow" and is directly related to the porcelain skin effect that Korean beauties love. But not only that - they do contain melted water from the snow from the peaks of the Himalayas. And Laneige products will really help you get closer to the beauty of Snow White, they are so beautiful!

Advantages of Laneige products:

  • The products are based on unique formulas, including melt water from the Himalayas, purified in a special way;
  • Cosmetics are perfect for any skin type;
  • The brand's products have a weightless texture, but at the same time penetrate the deep layers of the skin, acting from the inside.

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