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Frudia is a blend of "fruits" and "dia," with "dia" originating from the Greek word meaning "by" or "of," illustrating how Frudia harnesses nature's essence to nurture the skin. Just as seeds gather nourishment to bloom into vibrant flowers, Frudia delivers vital nutrients to transform and enhance the skin's natural radiance.

By leveraging the potent antioxidants found in fruits, Frudia crafts nourishing skincare solutions. Through innovative R Vita W technology, Frudia extracts optimal nutrients to impart a healthy luminosity to your skin.
Frudia products prioritize hydration and nourishment, utilizing ingredients rich in beneficial antioxidants. Their formulas are meticulously curated, omitting any components that don't contribute to skin health, with benefits ranging from combating signs of aging to minimizing pores.

The brand has developed four distinct skincare collections, each centered around the unique benefits of a specific fruit:
  • The green collection harnesses the power of green grapes, focusing on pore control and addressing acne-prone skin.
  • Derived from pomegranates, the pink line targets anti-aging concerns.
  • The yellow collection draws from citrus fruits to brighten the skin, with Vitamin C aiding in complexion evenness and pigmentation reduction.
  • Inspired by blueberries, the purple line provides intense hydration, alleviating dryness and invigorating the skin with the vibrant energy of these berries.

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