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Banila Co. is a South Korean cosmetics company that was established in 2005. It's well-known for its skincare and makeup products, particularly focusing on the needs and styles of young women. Banila Co. is especially famous for its "Clean It Zero" cleansing balm, which has become a hallmark product for its effectiveness in removing makeup and impurities while leaving the skin moisturized.

The brand promotes a modern beauty philosophy which centers on creating products that help achieve a well-balanced skincare regimen, emphasizing the importance of a proper base for makeup. Their product line includes skincare, makeup items like foundations, and accessories, catering to a comprehensive beauty routine. Banila Co. is popular both in South Korea and internationally, appealing to consumers through its innovative formulas and trendy packaging.

Banila Co. has also been at the forefront of leveraging popular culture, often collaborating with K-pop stars and celebrities to market their products, which has helped to solidify its reputation as a youthful and trendy brand. The brand has positioned itself strongly in the global beauty market with its commitment to quality and the ability to keep pace with the fast-evolving beauty trends.

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