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Innisfree brand was founded in 2000! The brand is owned by Amore Pacific, Korea's largest cosmetics corporation. For more than 65 years Amore Pacific has been creating the history of beauty and health in Korea, and Innisfree is one of the brightest representatives of the concern. Perhaps due to its own philosophy and concept.

The manufacturer wants to give everyone glowing healthy skin, and for that they use the best organic ingredients from the unique volcanic island of Jeju. Jeju is in a way this "island of freedom", because it is protected by UNESCO and has a unique climate.

Innisfree not only cares about the customer, but also advocates for the protection of nature by using eco-friendly packaging. The ingredients from Jeju Island used to create the products retain all their benefits through careful processing.

Over these twenty years, the brand has built a great reputation for itself. Its goal is to create natural natural cosmetics, eco-design and environmentally friendly product packaging.

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